Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you folks been around?

            We've been online since 2017 but really got into the scene in 2018


Can I join your Society?

            Generally speaking, no.  Members are selected from people who we already know or
            have known for a fairly long period of time.


Where are you based out of?

            We are a mix of Canadians and Americans, however we are primarily based out of

            Toronto, Canada.

You call yourself PHAT (Progressive Hackers And Technologists) --- Does that mean

            you are criminal hackers up to no good?

            Far from it.  We do not promote, encourage, or practice criminal activity.  In the

            current hacker jargon we are "White Hat Hackers" (People with technical prowess but

            who use our skills productively in charitable works and intriguing good efforts).

Where did the idea come from to make a Hacker/Technologist Society?

            There was only one Christian hacker group out there and we figured that we could be

            more proficient and effective than them as we have more resources and very dedicated

            members, especially those who do their good works for The Lord, giving God the glory

            rather than us folks.

Why would people join your Society?  What do people get out of it?  What do you

            expect members to contribute?  Are there dues or other fees that are collected?

            There are definitely perks.  These include computer hardware, software, and being a

            member of a society that takes care of its members.  Some of the hardware given out

            has included hundreds of dollars worth of electronics for every member, and software

            of all types that can be used to make PHATstar members more productive.  We have a

            sponsor and because of this we do not require members to contribute financially; there

            are no dues required.  We expect good character from our members and that we can

            work together on projects so that we all get along well while working on our efforts.

Are you some sort of secret society?

            We are a private society that does our works in secret; it is no secret that we exist,

            however all of our works are done in such a way as to give the glory to God and not us.

            For example, we might do Project A, and this project being known to be done by

            PHATstar members, but publicly it is not known that we are being the people behind

            that project.  So internally we are aware of whats going on, but we don't let the left

            hand know what the right is doing, so to speak.  We wouldn't exist without YHWH

            (God), and so want our Creator to get the proper respect.

So what do you folks actually do?

            We help people in need of technologies get those technologies that can help benefit

            their quality of life, in simple terms.