Anonymous Archivers File Distro Network

AAFDN is a service to the BBS community, hosting two file servers that are linked together.
RetroBOX: 2x 4TB RAID-1, 32 GB RAM, 1 Gbit Bidirectional Internet
Spark Server: 2x 8TB JBOD, 32 GB RAM, 50/10Mbit (50 down/10 up)
The way its to be setup is to have all of the "Massive Archives" (the 7zip archives that hold every file of complete packages) being hosted off of the RetroBOX, while the individual files are being hosted off of the Spark Server.
We are in partnership with (The Hacker Quarterly) in being allowed to distribute HOPE conference audio and video so long as we meet the following conditions: (HOPE stands for Hackers On Planet Earth --- its a conference for the Whitehat Hacker community):
- Full attribution must be given to
- PHATstar must purchase the audio/video we want to share
- We need to promote 2600 far and wide
- We distribute it in the BBS scene (BBSes and BBS-related nets)
- We do not distribute it on torrents
All of our content on the Anonymous Archivers File Distro Network are legal and not pirated.  We have some old magazine archives from magazines that have been long since ceased publication.  Stuff like this falls under Fair Dealings, Research Clause, which allows for copyrighted work to be distributed so long as it isn't taking profits away from the publisher, is distributed completely free of charge, and attribution is given somewhere in or attached to the works, and it is useful for research purposes in regards to the culture at that time and sociological research, and delving into old technology for the purpose of historical research.  If any publisher has any problems with this we will remove the content ASAP, however it appears to everyone at PHATstar that this is not an issue nor a problem as we are giving new life to content that would otherwise be dead.

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