The Fishingnet BBS is the scene's premier Christian BBS.  The main goal of the Fishingnet is to save souls for eternity, in fulfilling The Great Commission.  Our aim from first to last is to have people enter Heaven rather than Hell and be in paradise with God for all time.  We offer free bibles, from MP3 form to hard cover printed books with the help of The Gideons Canada.  We are not politically correct but rather Biblically correct.  All sorts of Christian videos and audio material are available and all at no cost to the users of the BBS.  The Fishingnet is connected to several echonets (multi-bbs communications (messaging) systems).  The Fishingnet is hosted on a dedicated server with a 100 Mbit connection, 2 TB of drive space, and running off of a 4-core AMD processor with plenty of RAM.  The BBS hosts 255 nodes, and connections to popular gaming networks as well as instant messaging systems.  This system is the result of two years of work in improving the BBS from stage to stage with over 1000 hours of work to get the system to where it is at now.  It is connected to the Anonymous Archivers File Distro Network, which provides around 20 terabytes of files in the end of its eventual capacity.  Currently it has 4 TB at 1 Gbit and 8 TB at 10 Mbit.  We will buy more capacity as is needed.  The Fishingnet has extensive documentation and help available for users to easily navigate the system and learn about the Christian Faith.  Under The Majesty Bible Study Platform is connected to the network allowing users to participate in Bible studies run by cr1mson of PHATstar. (telnet)

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