PHATstar History:

With The Three Amigos

From The Free Nations

To understand PHATstar you need to understand Christianity.  The society is based around having Christian technologists and hackers help the world out with our skills.  We originally came from a video-based Bible study and the conclusion was made that we can be more productive by using our talents rather than working together with fellow Christians locally.  By making a society that is global we can reach more people for the cause of Christ than we would be able to by working just in our own back-yards.  Our membership currently comes from Canadians and Americans with a specific goal of blessing Israel.  The Holy Bible says to bless Israel that we ourselves will be blessed and we really want that blessing so we have given our resources to help that nation and her people, while promoting it by offering fully sibsidized Hebrew language training for those with enough Tech Savvy to be able to logon to The Fishingnet BBS.  PHATstar became a society in 2017 with the partnership between two people of like minds.  From there more members were added and it has generally been a successful adventure.

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