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This is a free name resolution service provided by PHATstar to people who run bulletin board systems and have the problem of IP's that change once in a while. This system fully solves that issue by providing an update client and a domain name of your choice before the address. An example might be

PHATstar Serves the BBS Community With

There are a few caveats to this service. We are a Christian society and do not intend on having blatantly anti-Christian boards connected to our service, so no pornographic sites nor sites that hate on Christians. This is a service from PHATstar, we are not making any money out of it and request that users respect our terms of service.

How it Works

First we get your statistics: alias, bbs name, a summary of what you want to do with your BBS, etc. Then we sort out a password, and we send you a Dynamic Update Client and you keep your Update Client running at all times and whenever it detects a change in your IP address it forwards that to the server and automatically updates your DNS name. You will have a domain name of your selection and your users will connect to your system through that.

This service also works for people with static IP's. Those who have static IPs will not receive the Dynamic Update Client, but will have their IPs edited manually into the server configuration and will stay there until a request for change arrives, and will work just fine if your IP never changes. Its got a cool name too,, like d00dz!!

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