The Textmode Scene and BBSing

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

The Old Has Become New Again --- The BBS Revival

From art groups, to modding groups, to new BBS software, to fresh messaging networks, the BBS scene has come of age again; there is a true revival in "the scene." The users of BBSes is now in the thousands and the BBSes online are in the hundreds, now having migrated to the Internet using Telnet, SSH, or RLogon.

The Revival Contains:

When creating your posts you can:

  • The resurgence of digital art groups

  • The resurgence of modding groups

  • The resurgence of quality BBS software

Everything you need to make a quality BBS is now available at no cost to the BBS operator, which allows people to run their systems without a lot of financial investment. In days gone by sysops would have to pay for a phone line to hook up their BBSes to... now all that is required is a very simple computer and an Internet connection.

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