Fully Subsidized Hebrew Language Training From Pimsleur

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

For those who have enough technical savvy to logon to the Fishingnet BBS PHATstar is offering fully subsidized Hebrew language Training. PHATstar is covering the cost in full. The courses are offered in MP3 form and consist of 30 half-hour lessons. Pimsleur has been called "the second best language learning system next to Rosetta Stone" but I personally believe it to be the best of all options

How to sign up for the free training:

Just logon to the Fishingnet BBS, go to the language learning section, and drop a note to the sysop requesting the complementary training and you will receive five lessons at a time up the the total of 30 lessons. This is done to reduce costs from learners who are not willing to commit to learning the full course. Again, this is totally free; its fully paid for on behalf of the PHATstar Society. This is a lot of fun!

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