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Updated: Dec 29, 2019

"With friends like these you don't need enemies"

Linux Got Borked, Really, Yes Actually

Most of the time Linux runs perfectly, but we've been experiencing strange failures, both in terms of software crashes and strange filename glyphs. The file names for files created in Linux seem to have quotations around the file names and because the quotes are control characters they aren't filtered out when renaming files back to the way they should be. This has resulted in our creating the Massive Archives files on the Anonymous Archviers File Distro Network on a Windows VM. This completely solves the problem, however it is annoying that it can't be fixed on Linux as I much prefer Linux over Windows.

Mystic BBS is Now Stable

Over the past several months I've noticed a great inprovement in the Mystic BBS software. There was a time when scripts would be created to reload Mystic after its crashes which happened regularly. Currently Mystic is now stable and with some excellent new features. We now have a really great ANSI/ASCII art editor built into the configuration utliity. There still is a limit on how many characters a file name can be in Mystic, which is currently 56 characters including the file extension.

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