CeeBeeTee is our project of foremost importance as it will allow people to test their skills in Bible study Q&A's.  It will also be highly useful for people who area looking to study for whatever exam they are taking with our plugin modules.  The system is fully modular so anyone can make their own modules and plug it into the system and start doing practice tests right away.  This project is my warmfuzzy because it can help so many people with real world problems.  It also runs off bulletin board systems which I really love.


I [warmfuzzy] have been working on the Fishingnet BBS for around three years now.  It got a name change and is now stable and up and running.  It is the BBS scene's premier Christian bulletin board system and caters to the Christian community, including Protestant denominations and has content designed for learning by people who aren't yet into the Christian fold.  Free hard-cover Bibles and fully subsidized Hebrew language training provided by Pimsleur is available.  Much more is available here that you can explore upon logon.

Sp00knet Echomail Network
"The World's Most Intriguing Echomail Net"

This is the only echomail network like it in existence.  It deals with security-intelligence of all sorts.  Indeed, there are actually over 30 message areas with new messages coming in daily.  From Aliens to Whistle-blowers we've got it covered.


The LNN was once the place for people in the BBSing community to meetup and have conversations of their daily adventures in technology.  The network went down around the same time as Multi-Relay Chat (MRC) came into the scene.  PHATstar has registered the domain name and have installed Hybrid-IRC, installed an SSL/TLS certificate and we are no longer having problems getting Anope (IRC services) working, so this project is ready to go!

anon archivers.png
Anonymous Archivers File Distro Network
"Somewhere in the Darknet, Somewhere in Your Dreams"

Anonymous Archivers FDN is the project that takes up most of PHATstar's resources.  It is a distribution network for files across bulletin board systems.  Its specs are out of this world.  It has recently acquired the Silent Partner FDN, so from one portal you can access two file distro nets.  AA FDN is a general content service while SP FDN caters to the intelligence community, with a massive amount of open-source information.  AA FDN is also noted for being run by Christgians and for Christians, but with enough general content to make an average person captivated and in awe of the vast variety of things to check out.


Majesty is a Bible study platform that can act in a similar way to the File Distro Nets in that its plug-and-play.  A system operator (sysop) simply activates a TELNET-OUT function and the users are teleported to the Bible study system.  This allows various people from various BBSes to gather in one place and work as a team in bible discussion.  Furthermore, there are plenty of highly useful materials to be downloaded from UTM which are a treasure trove for those wishing to learn as much as they want and it being discussed in simple terms.  This is the place to grow in your faith in Jesus Christ.

This is the first podcast of its kind.  It deals with the Intelligence Community in all of its facets.  This podcast will have a limited run and will be a service to pay for having.  A small nominal fee will be charged to offset the production costs.  Voice formant alteration will be used to disguise the voices of the hosts and guests, but not so much that it would be uncomfortable to listen to.  This project will cost several thousand dollars to produce so don't expect it right away, however we are working to get everything in order so when that day comes we will be up and at 'em, ready to make some quality documentaries.
Textmode Magazine is our second premier offering to the BBS scene.  It will be an all-encompassing survey of every part of the Textmode Scene.  From BBS software, to mods, to artwork, to command line utilities.  Of all of our projects this will be the one that will take the most of our resources by far.  However, once complete it will be a source of incoming for The Society, which will be nice.  That money will pay for the production costs in full (as long as it has a decent circulation), and the remainder will go right back into the BBS scene.  This is a massive effort with a full-colour eBook (ePub, PDF, .mobi) being distributed from the PHATstar website and from eBay.
As an early Christian I had been very worried that I might have blasphemed the Holy Spirit because I insulted the idea of such a person existing and I questioned whether such a spirit is REALLY holy or just something made up in a cruel joke.  A friend of mine went on for about the period of a half hour swearing and hating on the Holy Spirit.  It was at this time that I realized that the Holy Spirit probably actually exists and I stayed far from saying anything against Him.  I learned many years later that the Holy Spirit was with me the whole time and that it was Him that was trying to nudge me in a different direction.  Glory to God for saving my soul from Hell, those nudges that cause be to resist following my friend's lead literally saved my soul from Sheol (Hell).  Glory be to God!
This is a project currently on the back-burner.  It is a fun project but with everything going on there is no time for this, however the site will stay up for you to browse the reviews that I've done and be a place to advertise what I have available for sale on eBay.
BoardZ Dynamic IP Updater is a community of people who are limited by their ISP to have only a dynamic IP address (an internet address that changes).  This service is free and with the use of the free update client can redirect a web address to the dynamic IP address so you could get something like to have everyone to connect to and the service will have the DNS name (hostname) redirect to whatever is the current IP address is, with user configurable settings on how often to send address updates.
Fishingnet Christian Echomail Network

This echomail network caters to Christians who need encouragement, education, and social networking.  All of the basics are covered and the network is only granted to be connected to bulletin board systems whose sysops are Christian.

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