The Sp00knet Echomail Network

The Sp00knet was one of PHATstar's first projects.  There was nothing like it anywhere in the BBS scene, so seeing that there was a real opportunity we went and made the thing.  Its graphics were done by "burps" of FUEL who did an excellent job.  It is hosted on a small server, as echomail doesn't require a lot of power to run it.  It's specs are: 2-Vcores, 4 GB RAM, 200 GB HDD, and 100 Mbit Bi-Directional Internet connection.  It uses Mystic BBS's BinkP server to host the echonet with.  It has become less than very active so PHATstar has hired out the position of Sp00knet Editor to one of its members.  There is no reason that this network should not succeed.  Its areas are vast and there are plenty of things to talk about regarding the intelligence community.  It is roughly fashioned around the Above Top Secret web forum, but this seems to be more fun.
The following are the echomail areas of discussion:
(1) Aliens, UFOs & EBEs, (2) Computer Security & Hacking, (3) Counter-Terrorism,
(4) Covert Communications, (5) Cryptography & Steganography, (6) Darknets & the Network Underground, (7) Disease, Pandemics, & Disasters, (8) End Times & the Last Days, (9) Financial Crisis & Meltdown, (10) General Conspiracies, (11) General Forensics, (12) Intelligence & Espionage, (13) Intelligence & The Law, (14) Interrogation & Torture,
(15) Languages & Public Speaking, (16) Middle East Studies, (17) Mind Control & Programming, (18) New World Order, (19) Paranormal Studies, (20) Predictive Studies,
(21) Propaganda & Disinformation, (22) Politics & People, (23) Safe Houses & Sanctuaries, (24) Secret Societies, (25) Silencers of Information, (26) Spooks & Their Weapons,
(27) Truth, Polygraphs, & Serums, (28) TSCM Bug Detection, (29) Violent Extremist Religions, (30) Whistle Blowers

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